Wardrobe Weeding

Wardrobe Weeding

Price: £40 per hour

How it works:

Once you have had a Colour Analysis and Style Consultation or a Full Image Makeover, I can help you to sort out your wardrobe based on what we have learnt together. We will remove any items of clothes that are completely wrong (wrong colour AND wrong style) which you can then donate to your local charity shop, sell on eBay or give to someone who you know can make use of it. We will then try to work with any items that are either the right style (wrong colour) or right colour (wrong style). I don’t believe you should have to spend a fortune to look good.

Our aim will be to produce a capsule wardrobe from what you already have. We will then be able to identify any gaps that might need to be filled to turn your clothes into fabulous outfits that work for you, your personality and your lifestyle.

Travel is included up to 30 minutes away, charged at an hourly rate beyond that.

Please note that Gift Vouchers are available for this service, so please do get in touch. They’re a great gift for any family member or friend.